Thru-Bulkhead Initiator (TBI)Power on demand

When you need power that withstands the heat, EBAD responds with the Thru-Bulkhead Initiator (TBI), a remote pyrotechnic ignition that ignites a rocket motor without violating the integrity of the rocket motor’s pressure vessel. The TBI performs this task one of two ways. The first is by providing a means of transfer erring an energetic signal across an integral metallic bulkhead within the TBI housing. They second way is through the shock initiation of an energetic material through a stainless steel bulkhead.

Better, faster, more reliable power

EBAD does it best with our extensive pedigree on these particular components with manufacturing volumes in excess of 10,000 units. Our TBIs demonstrate 99.95% reliability and the input side of the TBI conveniently mates with standard Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assembly (FCDCA) endtip. We can manufacture the output of the TBI tailored to be compatible with the sensitivity of the rocket motor igniter. Further design superiority is evidenced by a machined 304 stainless steel body with integral bulkhead to ensure pressure confinement and all of our energetic materials are hermetically sealed.

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