Custom-Built, High Quality By Design.

EBAD is proud to offer only the highest quality manufactured components. Our Specialty Charges can be made precisely for customer specifications – or we can offer a detailed mission analysis and provide you with a custom built solution. We have the ability to model various options, build and deliver prototypes, construct targets and test (or support test) at your facility. We then refine the deliverable based on these tests. Once approved, we can manufacture your product on a large scale, develop custom packaging and deliver it anywhere in the world.

Focused on soldier safety.

Used as an explosive method of entry, commonly to facilitate hostage rescue, building evacuation or to secure high value targets.  Because the charges are custom built-in and we offer the most reliable interfaces, there is reduced time on target, less inventory in the field and the soldier can focus on other important tasks. All EBAD plastic bonded explosives are qualified to MIL-PRF-46676 and the Advanced Cutting Explosives also meet the performance requirements of OES-0006C. Key features of the explosives include PRIMASHEET 1000 and PRIMASHEET 2000, a Slip of Booster, Detonating Cord and Advanced Cutting Explosives.