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Separation Nut, Non-Explosive

Entirely customizable, EBAD designs a variety of Separation Nuts and Release Mechanisms for a wide range of requirements allowing customers to select specific nut size, redundancy, and materials without affecting firing characteristics. Our products can support a static load of up to 100,000 pounds. 

Separation Nut, Non-Explosive

We offer both non-explosive and pyrotechnic devices.  Our non-explosive release devices are electromechanical separation nuts based upon patented split-spool and fuse wire technologies. The Principle of Operation involves a tensile load reacting against a wire-wound split-spool. Upon electrical command, a fuse wire breaks in tension and the restraining wire unwinds, allowing the spools to separate and release the load. Either device can be actuated by the same firing system. The non-explosive Marmon Clamp (V-Band) Release Mechanism replaces explosive bolt and pyro separation nuts in separating cylindrical structures.

Separation Nut, Non-ExplosiveDependable and reliable.

Structurally robust, EBAD’s non-explosive and pyrotechnic separation nuts and release mechanisms quickly and reliably release stored strain energy.  Our separation nuts and release mechanisms are typically used to release stored Solar Arrays, Antennas, Scientific Instruments, and the payload from the launch vehicle.

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