Safety FuseBecause safety has always been first

Safety fuse, also known as ‘time fuse,’ has saved countless lives since its introduction in the 1830's. EBAD's first explosive initiation system, invented by William Bickford, the founder of The Ensign-Bickford Company, worked by improving the way explosives were initiated in mining activities. For decades since, EBAD has supplied M700 time fuses to the United States government. An EBAD Safety Fuse is manufactured with a black powder core, textile yarns and a waterproof outer jacket.

Safety Fuse (M14 and M18 Assemblies)

Feel the burn

The M14 Detonation Assembly consists of a five minute burn time length safety fuse (approximately 8 ft or 2.4 Meters) with a high strength detonator crimped on one end. This Safety Fuse is M700 equivalent with a nominal burning rate of 120 seconds/yard (132 seconds per meter) at sea level.  Burning speed tolerance is +/-10%. The units are marked with indicators at one minute intervals for clear identification. The M18 Detonation Assembly is similar to the M14 assembly, the M18 having a 20 minute burn time (approximately 32 feet or 10 meters of M700).

Detonation at the ready

High strength detonation and explosive ordnance disposal is made easy and reliable with EBAD factory pre-assembled packages ready to ship in weatherproofed containers. Units are packaged in outer 4C1 wooden boxes. EBAD offers a variety of safety fuses, in addition to M14 and M18 assemblies.

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