PyrovalveQuick Thinking

For turning gas or liquid flow on or off quickly, the Pyrovalve is ideal. This pyrotechnic actuator is mechanically coupled to a two-port valve. The actuator is a familiar design; however, the valve is somewhat unconventional compared to most other pneumatic devices as it is specifically designed for single-use function; i.e. once the electro-explosive pressure cartridge is actuated, the valve is permanently and positively closed.

To actuate the valve, an initiator cartridge is fired. The resulting force produced by the pyrotechnic actuator pushes against the tapered piston, shearing the Laser weld between the tapered piston and the bushing. The Initiator cartridge provides more than enough output to reliably actuate the valve.  Once the weld is sheared, the tapered piston is driven into the tapered seat, locking the piston in place and effectively closing the valve.