All the energy you need

For the most reliable mechanical work in the field, EBAD offers the smartest designed Series 76 single and dual bridgewire cartridge initiators available. Hermetically sealed, corrosion resistant and comprised of a durable welded structure, our products give you the confidence you require to get reliable, repeatable thermal energy for all your igniting needs.

All the output you can handle

Offered in various configurations, from 2-pin, 4-pin to different output types and amounts, EBAD’s Series 76 Single and Dual Bridgewire Cartridge Initiators provide the necessary heat transfer to an ignition pyrotechnic in order to create heat, pressure, light and/or shock. Made of a glass-to-metal sealed header, they are commonly used in rocket motor ignition, Cartridge Actuated Devices, Propellant Actuated Devices, piston actuators, pin pullers, cable, wire and bolt cutters, separation nut actuation, and pyro valves.