Hot Bridgewire (HBW) Motor Igniter Get it all under control

Ideal for ignition of any liquid propellant motor that requires fast, repeatable function time and tightly controlled firing characteristics, the Hot Bridgewire Motor Igniter (HBWI) is often used for the initiation of attitude control thrusters and main engines. These fast-acting electro-explosive devices are extremely efficient at converting electrical energy to explosive energy in order to produce a ignition output.

Superior design for superior performance

EBAD designs all HBWI’s to meet specific requirements such as immunity to electrostatic discharge (ESD), voltage blocking for Radio Frequency (RF) protection and very low initiation energy applications. HBWI’s have superior no-fire performance. At EBAD, we understand there is zero tolerance for a tangled umbilical or a bungled disconnect. Safe and reliable disconnection with zero separation force required has been the hallmark of EBAD Custom Connectors, all of which have been proven from well into space and under the sea.