Electro-Mechanical Safe & Arm (S&A) DeviceIsolates for safety, aligns for power

EBAD’s ideally designed Electro-Mechanical Safe & Arm Device puts all the power in your mission. And in your hands, if needed. This compact, robust safing and arming mechanism, when safe, separates the output ordnance train from the internal detonators. When armed, it aligns them. Manual safing is another useful option via the safing pin that prohibits the safing and arming mechanism from moving. 

Innovative yet reliable in any environment

Suitable for a wide range of unpredictable environments from bomb, missile or undersea missions, the device boasts redundant mechanical detents to lock the internal rotor in its commanded position. High detonation transfer reliability is assured utilizing one grain of HNS output while the ground-breaking design ensures radiographic verification of explosive loads of completed detonator assembly.