Zero Separation Force (ZSF) & In-Flight Disconnect (IFD)One size does not fit all.

EBAD’s Zero Separation Force (ZSF) & In-Flight Disconnect (IFD) are designed for systems requiring near zero-force separation where tip-off is critical. The unique design allows for adjustable separation force to compensate for any uneven load distribution at time of separation. The size shape and shape of the shell as well as the separation force is open to customization. Our connectors are manufactured from materials and components that are space rated. The design can be customized to provide the separation force your system requires not the one the off the shelf provider want to give you.

Features, Features, Features.

EBAD connectors are available in variety of MIL-C-38999 series III insert arrangements.  All connectors provide discrete environmental seals for EMI, ESD, EMP and RFI shielding as well as for protection against adverse environments such as extreme temperature (-55°C to 200°C), humidity or corrosive atmosphere.  Additional benefits to the IFD design are its ease of installation (even from the rear of the panel) and its allowance for blind engagement.  All connectors are back-shell ready and, if required, back-shells can be provided with the overall system.  Our 20° angular misalignment cone to aids in bind mate connections and eliminates the most common cause of bent pins.

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