No shock. No blowby.

EBAD non-pyrotechnic valve technology is ideally situated for incorporation into spacecraft valve design as it eliminates ‘hot particle blowby’ and is safe to handle. This non-explosive (non-pyrotechnic) valve is designed for nominal operating pressures of 5000 psig and is capable of withstanding burst pressures to 9000 psig. Our release devices are extremely low shock, provide very consistent response characteristics, operate over a wide range of temperature and pressure, eliminate contamination concerns, and are completely insensitive to EMI/ESD/EMP.  

Hermetically sealed, before and after actuation.

The valve design incorporates a manifold with inlet and exit ports configured for interfacing with existing tubing and with a cross-sectional flow area equivalent to that of the pyrotechnic valve. Sealing is provided by threading the actuator into the manifold and controlled by applying a known torque to obtain the specified force required to withstand the pressure loads. The valve designs are adaptable for use in pressurant systems, cold gas RCS systems, or monopropellant and bipropellant liquid propulsion systems.  The valves can also be designed with either single or redundant sealing and/or actuation capability.