Separation Bolt, ExplosiveA winning combination

EBAD’s Separation Bolt Assembly is a highly reliable separation device and is made from high strength steel separation bolt components and pressure cartridge components manufactured from 304L stainless steel. The Assembly consists of six major metallic pieces: bolt body, piston, and manifold, which comprise the separation bolt, and a pressure cartridge, which consists of a main housing, an adaptor and a baffle.

High Tension. Fast Release.

Typically used in Launch Vehicles, the Separation Bolt Assembly combines an inert item with a pyrotechnic source that provides reliable, predetermined bolt separation. Redundantly initiated by two Explosive Transfer Lines (ETLs) and two pressure cartridges ensures the highest device reliability.

Bolt separation occurs when tension forces, developed by gas pressure acting on the piston face, located at the separation plane, exceed the tension load carrying capability of the bolt. The pressure cartridge provides the energetic train required to transfer detonation from the ETL input through a stainless steel bulkhead to properly ignite the pyrotechnic output charge. The separation event is initiated with detonation of an ETL that shock initiates a PETN donor charge. The PETN donor charge transfers detonation to a PETN receptor charge by shock transfer across a steel bulkhead. The receptor charge then in turn initiates the pyrotechnic output mix that generates the required pressure to break the bolt at the separation plane.