We make the cut. You get the victory.Pyrotechnic Cutters - Tube, Wire and Bolt Cutters

EBAD understands that high speed, precision and extremely high reliability in the field is vital to the success of your mission. To that end, we produce a wide variety of multiple-configuration pyrotechnic products for various severance applications. Commonly used in launch vehicles, tactical missiles, cargo deployment, parachute deployment, survival safety systems, payload release mechanisms, and payload release, our pyrotechnic cutters are precision-engineered to your specific requirements. Our highly specialized team will work closely with you to develop a unique solutions based on your exact needs.

Disconnect the right way

EBAD’s energetically based mechanical severing devices work in a variety of ways for all different applications. Explosive Bolts and nuts require release and separation of bolted connections on demand while Gas Generators demand the inflation of many types of products or devices. Pyrotechnic Electrical Disconnects are the high-speed, severing or termination of electrical circuits.