Piston ActuatorLight weight, heavy hitting

This lightweight device designed with bridgewire resistance of 1.0/-0.2 ohms, packs a lot of punch, using an electrically initiated pyrotechnic charge to drive the piston and perform. Used in a variety of applications, including rupturing diaphragms, releasing

Piston Actuator

locking pins, activating latch releases, activating batteries, a Piston Actuator works by applying electric current, thereby igniting the pyrotechnic material, creating pressure and causing the piston to stroke. Full function typically occurs in approximately 20 milliseconds from the input of the firing signal. 


Pin Pusher & Puller, Non-Explosive

Unlock the power

EBAD has an extensive capability to design and produce piston actuators to a wide variety of customer requirements. Our designs allow you to make specific selections regarding stroke, thrust and size without any impact to the firing characteristics.

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