The Freedom to Move. The Power to Survive.

Breaching mined, antipersonnel obstacles is a critical capability needed by US Maneuvering units conducting dismounted operations. Currently US Maneuver elements have limited capability to breach areas containing mined antipersonnel obstacles where the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) “Rules of Engagement” require the use of precision fires. The mined antipersonnel obstacles come in the form of IED emplacements activated through trip wires, (sometimes placed in an elevated position) pressure plates, or command detonation. The MPLC® Tactical Line Charge is a lightweight, man portable; rocket launched explosive line charge system that assists in breaching through a complex mined or trip-wired environment. The MPLC® Tactical Line Charge, NSN # 1375-01-593-8347, provides a precise, portable mine clearing weapon system at the small tactical unit level providing the ability to conduct clearing operations in urban and complex mined or trip-wired environments. Mobility and survivability is increased due to immediate precision fire from covered or concealed positions.

Self-Contained. Easy to Use.

The MPLC® Tactical Line Charge provides small tactical units with the ability to conduct clearing operations in urban and complex, mined or trip-wired environments; in covered or concealed positions. It is designed to assist in the clearing of a narrow footpath to a target by exposing, disrupting or neutralizing IED trigger mechanisms, while minimizing collateral effects on non-combatant personnel, structures and property. The MPLC® Tactical Line Charge system is self-contained in a backpack designed for carry and deployment by one soldier. The system requires no additional special tools or equipment, however, a hammer, may be needed to secure the launch pad to the ground. Once the system is in place, a shock tube firing system will initiate the rocket and detonate the line charge.

A Trifecta of Effectiveness

MPLC® Tactical Line Charge offers a three-prong approach to optimal breaching effectiveness: It reduces time on target, improves information operations by reducing collateral damage during tactical operations and improves freedom of movement. MPLC® is composed of a plastic bonded explosive line charge, a small rocket motor used to deploy the line charge, an arresting strap, a launch rod, and dual shock tube housed in a SKIN-PACK® Detonator Assembly. The shock tube is initiated by two – M81 firing devices. The shock tubes are connected through an Energetic Transfer Assembly that contains a PBXN-5 Booster. All of these items are contained in a backpack with a total system weight of <30 pounds.