Metal Clad Linear Shaped ChargeStraight to the point, with wide options

To best achieve your mission objectives and specific requirements, EBAD offers Metal-Clad Linear Shaped Charge (LSC) that integrates into assemblies, kits and systems to meet your needs. Our LSC can be used to cut a wide range of materials in breaching, EOD, and other applications where fast and reliable cutting is required. EBAD’s metal-clad LSC can be used to sever steel, aluminum and other metals, structural sections, wood, composite materials and glass.

Seamless, reliable, powerful

Severing targets such as steel and other metals, structural sections, wood, composite and glass sometimes requires the use of a metal shaped charge. LSC can breach through so many variations of targets because it contains a continuous explosive core enclosed in a seamless metal sheath. It is manufactured in a choice of core-loads and material of lead and time to facilitate a wide range of cutting requirements.

Cut to order

Typically, the length of a LSC is formed to match the contour of the cutting surface and is often installed in a protective charge holder. LSC offers standard sheath materials including lead, aluminum, copper and tin. Typical core materials are RDX, HMX, HNS and PBXN-5.

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