Linear Shaped ChargeReliable, lightweight, efficient and low cost.

For an efficient and reliable way to cut metallic and non-metallic structures, EBAD's Linear Shaped Charge Assemblies (LSCA) can be used in a variety of applications. Stage separation using LSCA is both a weight- and cost-efficient method to separate missile and launch application vehicle stages. Other common applications are the cutting of tactile missile skins, severance of hatches and rugged aircraft canopies for crew egress, and flight termination of rockets and missiles.

Simplified system integration

Look to EBAD for optimum system-level integration and reliable initiation with our expert mounting provisions and pedigreed explosive initiation manifolds included in our LSCA's. Rely on us to design and manufacture solutions for applications ranging from complex airframe surfaces to cylinders (missile or vehicle launch stage) and flat plates (missile skin).

Also see Metal Clad Linear Shaped Charge