Laser Initiated Ordnance System (LIOS)Leading you to the light

As the pioneer in the field of laser-initiated ordnance, EBAD maintains the first production, space-qualified laser initiation system in the industry. Our laser firing system was the first flight-proven system to replace the solid state rod laser (flash lamp) source with a semiconductor laser diode source. The EBAD Laser Initiated Ordnance System (LIOS) is a self-contained ordnance firing system that includes the electronic safe/arm, firing, monitoring, and built-in test functions and may be used to transmit a signal in a number of flight vehicle applications. Range Safety at Vandenberg AFB, NASA Dryden FRC, and NASA Wallops Island SFC has approved LIOS for use. It has also been successfully flown on multiple space flights.

A system with brilliance

Look to the innovation at EBAD for enhanced system reliability and increased operational flexibility due to built-in test capability. And energy transmission over great lengths is achieved easily as LIOS can reliably initiate ordnance devices over one kilometer of optical fiber. The firing system provides immunity to the effects of electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and stray radio frequencies (RF). It is adaptable to any configuration requirement including tactical, space launch vehicle, spacecraft, aircraft, and ground support systems.

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