One device, many solutions

Hot Bridgewire Initiator

Hot Bridgewire Detonator

EBAD answers the needs of many with one smart answer. Hot Bridgewire (HBW) Initiators and Detonators are used in a wide variety of applications in both the aerospace and defense industries. These initiators include squibs and detonators. A detonating HBW contains a high-explosive output for use in initiating other high-explosive devices such as linear shaped charge cutting systems and flight termination charges.

Intelligent engineering

While HBW devices cover a wide range of design configurations, there are many common construction components — from low-cost, non-hermetic devices to hermetically sealed devices housed in robust steel bodies. EBAD engineers many intelligent sa

fety features into these devices, including spark gaps to shunt stray current, static discharge, and electromagnetic pulses away from the bridgewire. 

Hot Bridgewire DetonatorHot Bridgewire Detonator

Hot Bridgewire Detonator