Frangible Joint100% clean design. Zero collateral damage.

The ideal option for the most instantaneous separation of flight vehicle structures, the Frangible Joint is uniquely designed to completely confine explosive debris. Key components include Mild Detonating Fuse (MDF), an explosive confinement tube, a separable structural element, and association initiation manifolds and attachment hardware. Used extensively to accomplish launch vehicle payload fairing removal, Frangible Joints are also used for stage separation to prevent collateral damage to other sensitive hardware.


Simplify supply chain management with assembly at your facility

EBAD is the leader in innovative design, development and manufacturing to handle various structural member configurations to meet your specific needs and requirements and to streamline processes, wherever possible. Our product enhancements include an MDF installed in a rubber bladder, specifically sized to the structural member to be fractured, that serves as a holder/locating device and provides system shock management. Due to the nature of the unique Frangible Joint design, installing the hardware is easily and cost-effectively performed at your own facility, saving critical processing time on the pad and allowing for integration of assembly with other system components.