Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assembly (FCDCA) InterrupterEffective and Flexible for Critical Missions

EBAD’s pedigree in manifold design brings you effective and flexible interrupters designed to prevent communication between donor and receptor explosive charges. Qualified to EWR 127-1, our interrupters define performance reliability and margin requirements for launch vehicle flight termination systems. They can be used to either safe or arm an explosive train. If required, variations on design, such as a time delay can be incorporated into the interrupter. EBAD has also used similar designs to meet the standards of MIL-STD-1316.

Prevents Bad Communication. Now We’re Talking.

Interrupters are used in systems where a mechanical barrier is required to preclude inadvertent initiation of a mission critical explosive function. Interrupters consist of the following main components: housing, shear pin, O-ring, barrier and plug. The solid barrier design includes a piston that is capable of blocking detonation transfer between two explosive devices, such as Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assemblies (FCDCA) endtips. The barrier is held in the unfired position. Upon detonation of an actuating FCDCA endtip, the barrier is accelerated from its initiation position to its ending position (from “SAFE” to “ARMED” or vice versa).  At the end of the stroke, the barrier is mechanically locked into place to preclude retraction of the barrier.