EBAD takes the initiative across the spectrum.

For tactical missiles, strategic missiles and space launch vehicles or for use anywhere an electronically initiated squib (NSI or equivalent) needs to be converted to a high energy output, EBAD’s Detonation Booster Assembly (DBA) offers a broad spectrum of initiating capability. Ideal for ordnance devices, including, for example, FCDCA, Destruct Charges and Stage Separation Rings, DBA allows for firing architecture maintenance with improved system or downstream level components.

The industry standard. Made better.

Using standard initiation gap design techniques, the detonating output of the DBA provides for a wide variety of explosive components. Available in myriad configurations that meet your mission requirements, output is equivalent to the industry standard 1-grain FCDCA end-tip geometry and performance and the product construct consists of a threaded stainless steel body that houses a Lead Azide/HNS 1A transition charge and an HNS 1A output charge.

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