M18 Demo BlockAn explosive need. A dynamic answer.

The M118 Demolition Charge is an easy-to-use block of adhesive-backed sheet explosive that can be cut to any shape or dimension and quickly applied to flat, curved or irregular surfaces allowing for tailored application for a variety of targets.

Cuts to the point. Shapes to the target.

When it comes to breaching targets, explosive demolition and Improvised Explosive Detonation, EBAD's M118 Demolition Charge, useable in a variety of environments including underwater, is an obvious answer. Comprised of 2 ½ pound sheets of PETN based flexible explosives in mylar wrapper, EBAD's M118 Demolition Charge is designed for cutting, especially against steel targets. Each explosive sheet, measuring 12” long by 3” wide by ¼” thick, has a pressure sensitive adhesive attached to one surface and a vapor tagging agent which makes them easily detectable. All M118 Demolition Charges are qualified and tested to MIL-PRF-46676. They are manufactured, inspected and tested IAW MIL-C-50850 and NSN 1375-01-399-3718 DODIC M024.