Canopy Fracturing SystemsThe authority in aircraft egress design

EBAD is the expert you want when it comes to increasing pilot survivability and providing the quickest egress possible from a military aircraft. Our Canopy Fracturing Systems create a safe escape path in the canopy using cast acrylic canopies shattered with a Mild Detonating Fuse (MDF) or stretched acrylic/polycarbonate canopies in concert with a Linear Shaped Charge (LSC). EBAD designs canopy fracture systems to specifications well over ½” thick acrylic or polycarbonate canopy with minimal shrapnel and noise. 

Providing the right option for your specifications

Our depth and breadth of experience designing aircraft egress systems has allowed us to focus on what’s most important: getting out safely and quickly. Based on the specifications of the aircraft canopy material, one of the application options is used. Both application options are designed to fracture the canopy but use different technologies to achieve the same result. Stretched acrylic/polycarbonate canopies have an increased strength over cast acrylic, sever the canopy structure via LSC and are designed to mitigate debris and acoustic backblast.