Breacher StripReliable and ready for action

EBAD’s advanced Breacher Strip is a small and compact assembly that is reliable, repeatable, compatible with standard detonators and requires no field assembly. Ideal for breaching metal or wood doors, windows and light walls, there is no cutoff or remnants remaining after the function is complete.

Overcome the obstacles

EBAD's manufacturing consistency and controlled processes ensure optimal performance and high reliability of our Breacher Strips. Our assemblies consist of Primasheet® Flexible Explosive (available in Primasheet® 1000 or Primasheet® 2000) and a SOB® Slip On Booster covered with a strong non-elastic tape enclosure. Primacord® Detonating Cord looped through the SOB® completes the assembly. The final product is rolled and vacuum-sealed in a barrier bag for maximum protection and storage life.

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