Power and Signal Transmission

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Custom solutions. For all your needs.

EBAD designs and manufactures custom devices and systems to meet a wide range of Power and Signal Transmission requirements for Satellite and Spacecraft applications.  To satisfy our customer’s system architecture requirements, we take our flight proven, qualified technologies and adapt them utilizing our flexible design and manufacturing platforms.  Whether providing a custom dead face connector or complete initiation system, our dedicated team will carefully manage your requirements and work with you to finalize the optimal solution.

One-stop shopping

Work with EBAD for the most flexible and adaptable solutions that meet any and all of your requirements. Save on travel and supplier management costs with our highly customizable connectors and battery protection components that are ideally coupled with our advanced initiation systems and devices. Trust in our deep past experience providing successful answers to your needs and look ahead to a thriving future with our new technologies for building the best system solutions for your next mission.