Clearance & Disruption Tactics: Minefield & Obstacle Breaching

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Coming through for your mission

It doesn’t matter where you are on the battlefield, something is likely to be in your way. With warfighter safety top of mind, EBAD can help you clear and disrupt minefields and other obstacles effectively. Whether it’s concertina wire, barbed wire or mines in the field, we develop systems that are safe and deployable. 

Our knowledge of detonating cord and experience in processing explosives has helped us create powerful breaching systems. We have previously supplied a 2 -man system, the Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System (APOBS), but have also developed a newer one-man system.

The best systems, developed from the best processes

From our manufacturing facilities, we have the capability to load, assemble and consolidate booster charges and over-braid line charges. We can perform system Load Assembly and Pack-out, incorporating Rocket Motors and Fuzes where needed. We perform component and system functional lot acceptance testing, as well as first article and qualification testing when required. Backed by design and analytical tools and expertise, EBAD provides the best systems to address your specific requirements in minefield or obstacle breaching applications.