Our Mission is…

To improve people’s lives

By helping put people and satellites in space, by protecting our soldiers and enabling them to rescue others from terrorists, and in providing technologies used to extract minerals from the ground, Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (EBAD) continously seeks to improve the lives of people.


Key Attributes...

To accomplish our Mission, we look for these key attributes in our workforce:

CONFIDENCE - You are able to work as an equal team member.You understand that you have a voice in what goes on and why, and you do not hesitate to use it.You know that we are all trying to achieve the same over-arching objectives.

COMPETENCE - You possess expert proficiency in your technical discipline for which you are positioned to contribute and/or lead.You continually improve your expertise and keep current with the state of the art in your respective discipline.

EMPATHY - You seek to understand before seeking to be understood.You know what it’s like to walk in others’ shoes.

TRUSTWORTHINESS - You are competent and capable in performing the task/responsibilities assigned to you You are honorable, keep your promises, and know who to tell first if you cannot meet a promise or expectation.