EBAD is a great place to, not only work, but thrive in your success, accomplishments, career goals and life. But don’t take it from us here is what our people say:


Throughout my career at EBAD I have continuously been presented with new technical challenges and career prospects. I started at EBAD, like many twenty-six year olds, thinking that this would be a good place to work for a few years while I built up my resume. My first job was as a technician in the synthesis laboratory, and during my tenure I have had the privilege of working in a variety of roles and responsibilities. Today I am part of the senior management team reporting to the VP of Business Development & Program Management responsible for the Vehicle Survivability market segment. EBA&D has provided me with the opportunities to prosper, satisfying my desire to learn and grow.

— Alan Garvey, Market Segment Director, Simsbury, CT


Eric Saucier

There is a strong sense of camaraderie here at EBAD, which makes work here that much more enjoyable. I’ve yet to have an experience, during the busiest times, where someone hasn’t stopped to offer help even when they can’t really afford to because of their work load. Everyone really pulls together to get the job done, mainly because everyone wants to see the company succeed and grow.
— Erik Saucier, Program Manager, Simsbury, CT


Allison Loudon

Working at EBAD truly allows me to balance my career and family. EBA&D’s respectful, team environment and meaningful work has increased my skills and opened up many opportunities for continued growth all while supporting my flexible schedule so I can also take care of my family.
— Allison Loudon, Program Manager, Simsbury, CT


Chris Vargas

What we do here at EBAD is so unique, so one of a kind that everyone takes pride in what they do because no one else can do it.
— Chris Vargas, Development Engineer, Graham, KY



Dave Dussault

EBAD is a family owned and operated company that rewards its employees by providing a work environment that is secure, sincere, and satisfying. EBAD cares about its people and products, which is evident in the quality and care that is placed upon both equally.
— Dave Dussault, Corporate Radiography Lead, Simsbury, CT





Meryl Mallery

EBAD cares about my growth because my growth is tied to the success of the company.
— Meryl Mallery, Vice President - Engineering, Simsbury, CT





I am proud to say that I have spent virtually my entire working life as a member of the Ensign-Bickford “family,” having a career that has (thus far) spanned nearly 3 decades.  In today’s business climate, there are fewer and fewer people in the world that can make a statement like that.  It is a testament to how a company and an employee can develop and grow a long-lasting relationship that is mutually respectful, beneficial & satisfying. I have always done my best to help EBA&D succeed, and in turn, I feel that I have been rewarded fairly and am truly a valuable member of a family.

— Eric Habermehl, Quality Assurance Manager, Graham, KY





Meryl Mallery

I started working at EBAD as an intern working on my first aerospace project developing & manufacturing a Safe & Arm device. As a recent graduate, EBAD has allowed me to further extend my knowledge with hands on experience and the opportunity to work with a dynamic team. Currently working as a Manufacturing Engineer, I use my knowledge gained to further exceed in my career and complete every day challenges.
Kashan Khan, Value Stream Manager, Moorpark, CA




Over my 20 year employment history, I can truly say that since my hiring in 2005, working as a Quality Engineer at EBAD in the Graham, KY facility has been the most satisfying. A recent honor was bestowed on me to be a part of EBI’s 175 year Anniversary celebration in Simsbury, CT and represent our Graham, KY Reactive Armor Team for the highest honor EBI presents to its employees - the Excellence Awards. I was humbled to represent our team in front of, not only my fellow employees, but the President & CEO of our company, as well as our Board of Directors and Corporate Owners. It was very fulfilling to show all how dedicated and proud we are to be able to supply energetic solutions, not only for demolition, but for the ultimate cause of protecting “our troops.” It continues to be my privilege to work with such a “family” oriented, highly motivated group.
— Cathy Cotner, Quality Engineer, Graham, KY