EBAD is a great place to, not only work, but thrive in your success, accomplishments, career goals and life. But don’t take it from us here is what our people say:

raul testimonialEBAD promotes employee’s growth through cross training enabling them to enhance current skills and learn different skills and learn different processes. This added value makes them important assets to the company. Employees also share their knowledge fostering teamwork and reducing burnout. Employees are given an opportunity for social mobility as they are encouraged to apply their knowledge in different areas and thrive as individuals working towards EBAD’s common goal.

— Raul, Production Technician, Moorpark, CA


jennifer testimonialThe work I do at EBAD as a Quality Engineer is exciting and very interesting. It’s obvious that EBAD values me through the training they’ve invested in me as well as my personal development towards becoming a more valuable Quality Engineer. As someone who’s not local, I’ve developed close relationships with my peers and feel like they’re family. I’m thankful to be a part of the EBAD family.

— Jennifer, Quality Engineer, Simsbury, CT


alan testimonialI started working at EBAD in 1994. In the beginning, I had no true knowledge of exactly what this company did, so as I learned more, I was amazed at the wide range of products that we make. With a son in the Marines, it brings things a little closer to home, and it helps me understand the importance of making our products right- every time. It isn't just "customer satisfaction"; it can be life or death to the people who use our products, so I always make sure it is correct before I put it in the box. As I approach the 25- year mark in my career, I can say that I have had the opportunity to learn many things, and my job is still very interesting & challenging.

— Alan, Process Operator, Graham, KY


pam testimonialIn 2007, I started my career with EBAD, where I quickly recognized a strong sense of pride and professional commitment. These characteristics resonated in my spirit, fulfilling my desire to become a part of an elite team. Coming from a family steeped in a military background of over 60 years, EBAD provides me the opportunity to play a vital role in protecting my loved ones in a way I never could before. Over the last 12 years, I have held a variety of positions where I have grown, increased in knowledge, exceled, flourished and most of all worked with the most amazing people. I am honored to be a part of a great family-oriented company and can hardly wait to see what the future holds!

— Pam, Buyer, Graham, KY


ryan testimonialAs an intern I was both mentored and given the opportunity to explore all my interests of the company on my own. I learned how to be a better engineer, found what I liked and didn’t like, and felt fulfilled as I contributed to creating hardware that was going to fly around the moon. When I got an offer for a full-time position by the end of my internship, it was easy to see myself staying here and I couldn’t be happier that I did. When you walk around EBAD, you see joy, grit, and intelligence. Employees love what they do, love having fun, and love working hard. This environment makes it easy to get out of bed and come to work every morning. It also helps that at EBAD we blow things up, save lives, assist the military, and help push the boundaries of space exploration. Whether it is day one of your internship or day one of employment, you are heard, valued, and entrusted to have the ability and skillset to make critical decisions.

— Ryan, Development Engineer, Simsbury, CT


jennifer testimonial 2As an employee of Ensign Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company for over eighteen years, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to work in many different areas throughout the facility. I feel I’ve acquired enormous amounts of product knowledge and take great pride in the work that I complete each day. While customer satisfaction is an important component, my main concern is for the end user, those who are in the trenches each and every day. The family atmosphere at this facility is one that is unparalleled and I feel a sense of responsibility in returning those fighting for our country the opportunity to return home to their families as well.

— Jennifer, Assembly Pack Operator, Graham, KY


afam testimonialI take pride in my work at EBAD because every project I work on is uniquely appealing and develops my technical skillset. There is a strong sense of family; anyone is more than willing to spare a couple minutes from their schedule, no matter how busy, to help whenever I run into challenges. As an Electrical Development Engineer, I believe my contributions to EBAD are valued, and I have no doubt that this is the right place to build my career.

— Afam, Electrical Development Engineer, Simsbury, CT


karen testimonialI would describe EBAD in four words: Opportunity, Challenge, Success, and Rewarding. If those words interest you, then EBAD is the place to be. EBAD’s employees are given the opportunity to develop and grow in their career and be a part of the successful results of our many achievements.

— Karen, Senior Supply Chain & Logistics Manager, Moorpark, CA


ambrosio testimonialI’m proud to be part of the EBAD family not only because EBAD products are used in so many unique and mission critical applications – from the hold-down release mechanisms on the revolutionary James Webb Space Telescope to ordnance components on the country’s missile defense systems – but also because there is a genuine and strong sense of camaraderie with everyone that I work with.

— Ambrosio, Director Engineering, Moorpark, CA


meryl testimonialEBAD is a special company with a heart that is unlike any other. I have been able to grow a career, and be successful both personally and professionally because of the support I received from EBAD when I needed to take a step back to raise my children. I have had the amazing opportunity to develop “cool” mission critical hardware that operates in space, and on the battlefield. I have done this while working with people who are there to help you achieve greater personal success while supporting their team and project success. I have enjoyed many technical challenges, had many leadership opportunities and worked hard. Today I am the Vice President of Engineering and started my career as a R&D engineer. If you are looking for a career, with upward mobility, technical challenges to stretch your thinking, and a great team to develop with, search nowhere else. Become part of the EBAD family and stay, as I have, for 21+ years.

— Meryl, Vice President of Engineering, Simsbury, CT