Explosive Reactive Armor

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State of the Art ERA solutions

Since the 1980s, Ensign-Bickford Aerospace and Defense Company (EBAD) has designed, developed and manufactured Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) and we are currently positioned to provide better reactive armor solutions than ever before.  Add-on ERA has been utilized on military vehicles to provide additional protection against shape-charge threats.  ERA is employed on a number of vehicles in the US inventory including Bradley, Abrams, and Stryker. Fielded ERA solutions provide penetration protection at a fifth of the weight on comparable metallic solutions.  Lightweight Reactive Armor solutions capable of defeating multiple threats in the same armor package are currently in development, to be deployed in the near future.

Rapid reaction is the best defense

Explosive Reactive Armor counters penetrating threats by utilizing explosive energy to move armor elements into the path of the incoming shape charge. ERA has been used by the US Armed forces for over 25 years. Procedures to store, transport, deploy, maintain and operate with Reactive Armor modules have been successfully developed and employed. The product has been proven safe, reliable, and effective. Reactive Armor is maintenance free, and has no sensors or electronics, enabling a very high reliability with no burden on other vehicle systems. ARENA testing has proven that Reactive Armor provides little collateral damage effects as compared to the detonation of the threat itself.