Armor Integration Design

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Add-on-Armor kits for your vehicle

EBAD has the experience and capabilities to design Reactive Armor kits to provide area specific coverage for current and developmental armored vehicles. Our Add-on-Armor (AoA) kits, consisting of Reactive Armor modules and customized mounting brackets, are designed to be easily installed/removed from the vehicle with minimal vehicle operational or performance impacts. Our armor kits are designed to meet all the requirements of MIL-STD-810 and other vehicle-specific requirements, and are put through rigorous analysis and testing.

Fully field deployable

Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) kits are utilized in accordance with battlefield conditions and logistics constraints.  In the field, the modules are removed from their qualified packaging and quickly installed on the vehicle utilizing standard Depot level tools.  Armor modules are sized to meet a two-person lift requirement, enabling complete installation and removal by hand. Once installed, they require no input from the operator during use, no training for operation, and zero maintenance.