Vehicle Protection

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Protecting the soldier

EBAD understands the enormous risks faced by the soldier on the ground — especially those manning armored vehicles on the battlefield. We are aggressively addressing these threats with new armor solutions. Our mission is your mission - protecting the warfighter's future.

Providing custom armor solutions

EBAD has a long and detailed history with Reactive Armor products. We provide the low flammability energetic solutions, LF2/LF-2 XA, used in many US and International Reactive Armor systems, are a leading manufacturer of Add on Armor (AoA) kits, and have a proven track record of high quality, low cost manufacturing. It is our dedication to the survivability of armored vehicles that our customers depend on. Our armor protection solution development and production along with the capability to manufacture and tailor the energetic materials needed for these applications, provides EBAD with unique capabilities to meet the customer’s emerging requirements.