Venting Systems

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Safety is core

Safety is at the core of EBAD’s Thermally Initiated Venting Systems (TIVS) by initiating pyrotechnic material in a controlled, precise manner. TIVS are comprised of a Slow Cook-Off Sensor (SCO) and Linear Shaped Charge (LSC). 

Hot headed, yet cool thinking

When collectively exposed to a predetermined temperature, or range of temperatures, Thermally Initiated Venting Systems function the Slow Cook-Off Sensor to start an explosive initiation train comprised of a pyrotechnic ignition material, primary explosive and output (secondary) explosive.  The explosive output of this ignition train is a detonation which transfers to the LSC.  The functioning of the LSC cuts a vent in a rocket motor, warhead or other payload to render the system Insensitive Munitions (IM) compliant.