Thrust Termination & Destruct Charges

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Taking control with direction

The EBAD Thrust Termination System (TTS) is a method for controlling the thrust of a solid rocket motor. A TTS can be used to cut holes into the dome of the motor, releasing the combustion gases, thus terminating the motor’s thrust. It operates with EBAD’s Redundant Flexible Detonating Cord Assemblies that initiate a linear shaped charge (LSC) housed in a rigid charge holder. The LSC forms a jet, which cuts a circular hole in the dome of the motor case.

Tailor-made and high performing

Taking the lead in high reliability, EBAD designs TTS to perform optimally no matter what your specifications may be. The Retaining Ring Charge holder maintains pedigreed linear shaped charge standoff and the fully confined transfer lines and manifold ensure no debris propagation. Redundant initiation ports secure high reliability imitation. No matter what your system requires, EBAD can spec and design a TTS with precise line length and tailored mounting provisions.