Flight Termination Systems

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A precise solution when things veer off course

EBAD Flight Termination Systems provide redundant explosive assemblies capable of terminating the flight of airborne missiles or launch vehicles when they veer from their targeted path. Our innovative systems have been designed and developed to sever structures, to create aerodynamic instability, for motor destruction, or destruction of other major vehicle elements. Flight Termination Systems typically utilize Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assemblies for initial ignition (via a Safe and Arm Device), manifold assemblies and an output charge, typically Linear Shape Charge Assemblies (LSCA) or bulk charges.

Valuable experience you can rely on

EBAD has the power to answer the needs of numerous applications where Flight Termination Systems (FTS) are required. Launch vehicles typically require FTS with both command and inadvertent separation initiation capability. Frequently, tactical missile systems under development require FTS systems during range testing, and subsequently may be required during “fly to buy” testing. 

EBAD has extensive experience with a wide variety of FTS components, systems, and applications on launch vehicle, strategic, and tactical missile systems. EBAD has produced Flight Termination Systems that are fully demonstrated and qualified for a broad range of applications and functional requirements.