Antenna, Solar Array, Scientific Instrument, Sun Shield & Payload Release

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The right product for the right application

EBAD’s release mechanisms are currently used for a variety of satellite and spacecraft applications including, but not limited to, restraint and release of solar panels, antennas, scientific instruments, payload release from the launch vehicle dispenser.  The simplicity and robustness of the design extend the application of these mechanisms well beyond the space environment and make the devices equally beneficial for commercial markets (such as the aeronautics and oceanic industries) where separation in remote or adverse environments is required.  A wide range of models is available capable of restraining tension preloads up to 100,000 lb (310 kN)

One-stop shopping

EBAD offers non-explosive and pyrotechnically actuated release mechanisms.  Our release systems are most commonly used for satellite or spacecraft instrument release and deployment.  EBAD’s offers a full line of non-explosive and pyrotechnic Separation Nuts, Pin Pullers and Pushers, and Cutters.  Look to EBAD to offer a complete and virtually limitless suite of capabilities that will lower cost and ensure mission success.