Motor Ignition

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The instant when power is unleashed

Effective ignition of a satellite or spacecraft propulsion system assures proper telemetry.   The range of motor ignition functionality that EBAD has developed enables you to find a system that meets your criteria and delivers absolutely reliable performance.  Whether igniting a liquid to solid motor, our components each reflect decades of experience working with mission-critical systems in which we have continually refined and optimized igniter performance.

Integral to aerospace progress

For more than 25 years, EBAD has been a primary producer of Thru Bulkhead Initiators for space launch vehicles. The versatility and reliability of our components has been proven countless times. Our motor ignition systems are designed to work seamlessly with explosive signal transfer systems, such as the Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assembly (FCDCA). Proven history and versatile component configuration: more power to your mission team.