Initiation & Control

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All the options.  All the range.

EBAD has the edge when it comes to radiation hardened firing and sequencing systems. We were the first to replace solid state laser source with a semiconductor laser diode and we are still the leader in laser firing systems. Whether it’s initiating firing over significant temperature ranges, to initiating multiple firing events, or a design with critical weight and power source limitations, you will have every confidence in the solutions we provide.

Space-flight proven with sky-high confidence

The reliability of our firing/sequencing systems is well-documented through successful implementation in multiple space flight missions. Our highly competent engineers continue to develop advanced features for greater user confidence and our systems have been approved for use at leading test facilities. In addition to producing the first flight-proven laser diode-sourced firing system, EBAD brings a patented semiconductor bridge element to our intelligent initiation system, another example of our industry leadership providing the mission-critical performance edge.