Battery Protection

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Power matters

EBAD’s Battery Cell Isolation Switches (BCIS) are single-pole-double-throw switches designed to eliminate a failed cell from a battery thus increasing the functional life of the power sub-system.  The BCIS is electrically integrated with a single cell or a series of cells and can detect a cell failure at an early stage.  The switch provides a high current bypass circuit to isolate the damaged cell from the power system.  Switch activation is available through computer command signals or as a completely autonomous system, using diodes to detect cell failure and actuate the unit.

Keeping the lights on

The BCIS incorporates the same patented split-spool and fuse wire technology used in our release mechanism designs.  Current carrying capabilities range from 100 amps to 400 amps and each design provides extremely low circuit resistance (<300 microamps).  These lightweight devices also incorporate make-before-break technology, which allows for uninterrupted current flow throughout the switching process.  While originally designed for cell isolation, new applications are arising for the BCIS, including signal termination on ground support equipment.