Satellite & Spacecraft

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Expertise for today’s mission. Equipped for tomorrow’s.

The space industry leader since the 1950’s, EBAD continues to design and manufacture high quality, reliable and robust devices and systems.  The supplier of choice for your next mission-critical program, you can rely on our products for Separation/Release/Actuation/Deployment, Power & Signal Transmission, and Propulsion devices and systems. Our company has stood the test of time and is vigilantly focused on the future. The customers we serviced for Apollo are the same customers we service today for Orion, and one day, we'll service on a mission to Mars. Get to know EBAD. Our work force is driven by our passion for space travel, operations and research for today’s missions, as well as the limitless potential of the future.

Please also visit our subsidiary, NEA Electronics, for more information on our non-energetic satellite and spacecraft offerings. NEA® manufactures low shock release mechanisms used for solar array, antenna, gimbal and spacecraft separation.NEA® also manufactures battery isolation switches, piston actuators and zero separation force connectors. NEA® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ensign-Bickford Aerospace and Defense Company, who is the premier ordnance/pyrotechnic supplier for the US launch vehicle and space industry.

Click here to be directed to the NEA website.