System Initiation

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We’re expanding on proven technologies

EBAD designs and manufactures devices tailored to meet a range of system initiation requirements for tactical missiles, aircraft and space launch vehicles. To address technical, systems and reliability requirements, EBAD employs proven technologies, engineered and adapted to meet the system architecture requirements of our customer. Whether it is providing a specialized safe & arm device to accomplish a specific function or working with our dedicated engineers to design and develop a new firing system solution, EBAD will work with you to choose an optimal solution. 

Let our experience initiate your success

Because EBAD can cover all of your ordnance initiation needs - from our highly reliable squibs and detonators, advanced motor ignition devices, complex firing and sequencing systems, to our range safety systems, we are able to be your full solution provider. We thrive on our past experience to pursue the future with our new technology and build system solutions for your next mission.