Signal Transfer

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Safety. Simplified.

When it comes to aircraft crew safety, signal transfer is vital to the success of effective escape systems. The advantage of non-electric devices is that they are highly resistant to electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic discharge or stray vehicle currents. Further, multiple events can be initiated from a single electrical command, simplifying vehicle avionics and power requirements. In many cases the result is a more reliable, lower cost system solution. For launch vehicles, signal transfer is used for most vehicle events including motor ignition, stage and fairing separation, and command and inadvertent separation flight termination. Many of today’s missiles, launch vehicles and aircraft crew escape systems have ordnance events initiated and sequenced using a network of Signal Transfer devices downstream of the electric initiator, mechanical energy transmission to the ordnance functions. Their application is analogous to that of an electrical system where the signal can be multiplexed, modulated and delayed in time to sequence functions on a vehicle.

The ideal solution

EBAD has a range of qualified products to provide the functionality needed for a Signal Transfer system for your vehicle. EBAD's transfer system components are also qualified to work in concert with downstream mechanisms such as Stage and Fairing Separation Joints, Actuators, Cable and Bolt Cutters, Valves, Motor Igniters and other devices.