Missile, Aircraft & Space Vehicle

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The best solutions, now and into the future

In the aerospace industry, providing the best quality product is essential. With our experience in manufacturing capabilities for system initiation, signal transfer, separation release, actuation and deployment, and flight termination systems, Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (EBAD) is the dependable provider our customer's turn to for capable solutions.

Still, our track record tells only part of the story. Future space launch vehicles, military and commercial aircraft, and next-generation aerospace programs are all coming into focus through our extensive product innovation. As time-proven as our materials and components are, we are helping the entire sector move into the future.

A full spectrum of resources

Throughout EBAD's history, we have stood as a leading edge design and manufacturing solution provider. Our test and research facilities offer cutting edge development - from testing through prototype manufacturing. We have expanded core capabilities to the missile industry, while maintaining our commitment to serve our customers and expanding our own expertise. No matter the extent of our involvement in a program, we have a ceaseless commitment to contribute to our customers' successful missions.