EOD & Demolition

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A world leader

EBAD can provide the equipment and solutions needed to complete your missions around the world. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Demolition require reliable initiation methods and explosives for effective operation. EBAD is a world leader in non-electric initiation systems and explosive charges needed for EOD and demolition applications.

Warfighter-first solutions

With increased urban war fighting, the need for precise explosive solutions is essential to the success of the mission. We manufacture shock tube solutions and plastic bonded explosives such as Primasheet® Flexible Sheet Explosive and ACE™ Advanced Cutting Explosive for the United States and other international allied forces. We tailor our products to defeat your current targets. By creating accurate solutions, we aim to protect the warfighter and limit the risk of collateral damage. EBAD delivers unmatched reliability and lethality across our product range because we think like and create for the warfighter.

No matter the mission, EBAD will provide the tailored equipment needed to be successful.