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Innovation cutting through

EBAD understands that some of your missions require breaking through barriers; we can get you through reliable and efficiently. EBAD is a leading provider of man-portable breaching systems to get through your toughest undertaking. We have designed, developed, and are currently qualified on a number of systems for the U.S. Department of Defense and for international customers. Our systems vary, just like your missions: from applications for single shot wall and quick door breaching to systems designed to provide a clear path through minefields and wire obstacles.

Custom performance to your priorities

We work closely and listen to our customers to constantly develop solutions needed for today and tomorrow’s environments. We have solutions for breaching double and triple brick walls, as well as steel reinforced concrete. We are ready to design a solution to meet your requirements whether they are focused on optimizing for weight, size, ruggedness, net explosive weight, or simplicity of use. All of our systems are designed, developed, and manufactured with a focus on safety and reliability.