Our Vision is Founded on Safety and Supported by Six Pillars

EBAD's culture starts with safety as the foundation on which all of our other activities are built.  This is visually depicted on the EBAD Six Pillars Chart. Closely associated with this is the Hierarchy of Values which places personal and coworker safety at the top of the priority list followed by quality, delivery and cost. The hierarchy of values are consistently reinforced and relied on to form the basis for decisions made within the company at all levels.

EBAD, as a world-class manufacturer, strives to provide a healthy and safe work environment.  In support of this effort, EBAD has initiated a program of producer driven safety which empowers employees to be engaged and involved in the safety process.  This process is meant to strengthen safety culture by engaging our workforce to “own” the safety process resulting in a safer work environment, improved employee morale, and a more productive workplace.

Training also forms a vital part of the safety foundation.  To that end, EBAD uses a web-based learning and safety management system to deliver training assignments, provide training lessons, document completed training, schedule recurring training assignments and facilitate training report generation. 

EBAD complies with all state and federal safety and environmental regulations as well as various Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE), Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Defense (DoD) regulations.  

More and more, we see evidence of a positive safety culture at EBAD where individual employees are being observant of potential safety issues and communicating those safety concerns early.  A fully integrated safety culture that engages employees and empowers them to perform at higher levels is the foundation upon which EBAD bases its future.