Mechanical Design and Analysis

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Mechanical Thinking. Intuitive Productivity.

From solid model to end product, we are leaders in design and analysis for the aerospace and defense industry. We were pioneers in the application of computational mechanics to understand ordnance device function and design and, since 1992, we’ve been industry innovators with the use of SolidWorks® software for solid modeling, drafting and product data management.

We are also highly experienced in utilizing ANSYS for structural and thermal analysis, as well as for linear and non-linear analysis, and for evaluating transient, quasi-static, and static events. Short duration, explosive transient events are evaluated using ANSYS AUTODYN and CTH, providing EBAD with capabilities in both Lagrangian and Eulerian computational hydrocode methods.

Additionally, EBAD performs thermochemical/ballistic analysis using CHEETAH, NASA/LEWIS, and BLAKE. Kinematic analysis is performed using MSC's Working Model software. 

(pictured below from left to right: Warhead, Fragment Velocity, Frangible Joint)


Fragment Velocity